Art and exhibitions

In a few words, here is a presentation of the people who contribute to the continuing evolution of our Inn, whether artist, grower, or photographer.

We wish to thank them.

Barbara Leboeuf, ceramicist

My work

Over the course of my work, I have experimented with so many types of materials and bases, and these have led me to choose clay as my main medium. I have worked with this material, and learned about how resistant it can be. I’ve also understood its limitations through a multitude of constantly renewed experiments. I opted for porcelain because of how white, fine, translucent, unstable, pure, and dense it is, and for the many possible ways it can be transformed during baking.

As a result, my work is characterized by its fragile, tense, fragmented, superimposed nature, its envelopment, the interior, and the exterior…these are all the relations revealed by the various aspects and stages of my production, whether it’s for the table, or for decorative or architectural elements.

All my pieces are baked twice: the first is called “biscuit” at 1000°C, and then a second one at 1260°C to melt the enamel layer, in a process that guarantees perfect quality for serving food.

This temperature brings translucency to the porcelain and brings great strength even as it is worked with fine layers.

All of my work is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Crumpled Pieces

Embossed porcelain pieces. The porcelain is applied, spread into a plaster mold that I create for this purpose. After embossing, each piece becomes unique through deformations that take place during the porcelain drying process. Each piece made from a single design features its own unique silhouette and translucent wrinkling.