Art and exhibitions

In a few words, here is a presentation of the people who contribute to the continuing evolution of our Inn, whether artist, grower, or photographer.

We wish to thank them.

Ewa Bathelier

The man who walks, the one we get to know through the often silent and solitary walks he takes, sometimes meets another to share the joy of random wandering in silence.
Jirô Taniguchi “The Man Who Walks”

The enigmatic silhouette of the man who walks as represented in my canvasses. Obsessively multiplied, washed out, cloaked in mists, the silhouettes parade by in the background, like the notes of a small, repetitive air of music. They are absent of consistency, light while still dynamic and willful. They can evoke the passage of time.

But couldn’t it also be the simple illustration of a Sunday stroll through the forests and vineyards? So be it!