I grew up here. My childhood was spent in the kitchen at my father’s side.
People in my life have shown me the delights of their own beloved home regions. These journeys have taught me to channel all sorts of notions from near and far into the creation of my own culinary approach.

My cuisine is unabashedly French. But it is also intimately cosmopolitan.
After so much exploration, I have concluded that locally-grown ingredients should not be some mere accident. In fact the use of unique and local products is the foundation of my work.

Dining Room

Wood, stone, and whitewash walls are the dominant materials. Soft tones and sleek, gentle lines create a warm and inviting ambiance.

The dining room is open to nature and its ceiling features golden wood beams, the sitting room is cozy, rustic, and warm, and the bar is modern and unique. The terrace is the perfect place to enjoy summer cocktails…We strive to make the inn a wonderful environment for you to experience what we hold most dear: your comfort and our warm hospitality.